Electrical System Analysis


Save time and money by identifying potential operating issues before they become problems. CSA Engineering Services, LLC can perform the following system analysis on proposed or existing systems:


Power System Studies

  • Evaluate the short circuit and overload capacity of protective devices and other system components
  • Evaluate coordination to limit faults and system disturbances to the smallest portion of the power system possible.
  • Perform arc flash calculations and provide labels to help protect workers and meet the electrical safety requirements of OSHA and NFPA
  • Engineer solutions to improve protection/coordination and mitigate arc flash hazard


Power Quality, Voltage Drop, and Motor Starting Studies

  • Protect sensitive electronic devices from poor power quality
  • Ensure large electrical equipment operates safely and efficiently
  • Ensure equipment does not negatively impact the electrical system


Feasibility Studies

  • Evaluate the performance of existing systems and determine total cost of ownership and potential savings for proposed alternative energy technologies
  • Identify issues early in the design process

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